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International Law aid and Legal researches.

This site is all about International Law aid and research assistance, I invite everyone interested in International law and legal researches.

The rationale behind my site

International Law Chamber gives you the knowlegde in Internatioanal Law.


My Academic supporters:

   1. Mr. Adelardus Kilangi

   2. Prof. Mahalu

   3. Dr. Mtalo

   4. Dr. Kennedy Gastorn

   5. Dr. Gerald Ndika

   6. Prof. Eric Boos

  7. Dr. Ronald Kakungulu

   8. Dr. Respicius Rugemalira


My Contacts

www.facebook.com/Simon Patrick Prsecutor, www.twitter.com/saimon0103, www.skype.com/saimon.patrick8, Instagram: saimon_patrick